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Enrich Your Eco-friendly Lifestyle with Sunglasses Made from Handcrafted Wood

Often sunglasses are viewed as one of those pesky decisions you must make in order to have the right accessory that meets your needs but is affordable enough to not break your wallet while also offering long-lasting quality. There are many stylish shoppers who aim for more features such as fit, style, and make-up. These fashionable buyers keep up with the latest trends. Just recently, environmental awareness became quality consumers happen to desire in their sunglasses. As the trend of maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle has grown, product developers have had to change strategies in order to produce desired products and meet this new demand in the market. Wodd PH sunglasses found a niche in wood sunglasses and quickly turned into...

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Keeping Your Eyes Healthy: The Benefits of Wearing Wooden Eyewear

Sunglasses, as we all know, are a very important summertime accessory for all ages. They are highly protective and prevent damage to the eyes from dust, pollution, UV rays emitted from the sun and even prevent glares and reflections from impairing vision. They not only have several benefits for the eyes but also are very stylish to wear. They come in a wide variety not only in terms of shape and size but also in terms of materials. They can be made of various materials like metal, plastic, titanium and even wood. Benefits of Wearing Wooden Eyewear: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy Yes, even wood. Wooden eyewear is gaining quick popularity in today's time, and it is doing so for a...

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Add a Pair of Wooden Frame Sunglasses to Look Chic and Stylish

Every industry is trying hard to adopt eco-friendly measures then why the sunglasses will stay behind? Yes! It might sound weird but the wooden sunglasses are not a myth rather a style sensation these days. Previously, the handmade sunglasses had wooden frames, cut and perfectly finished by skilled hands. The contemporary aid of technology has even made this vintage method even more innovative and stylish. Wooden versus plastic frames It is an eco-friendly measure too. The plastic frames end up in dumpsters and eventually pollute our environment if not recycled. The wooden frames, on the other hand, are biodegradable and absolutely classic. These sunglasses have their own benefits when compared to the mainstream ones.Skyrocket your style quotient How many frames...

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How to Check the Right Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses Size Online

One of the hardest things about shopping online can be knowing if you are buying the right size. With clothes, it can be easier because everything has a size label but even they can vary from one shop to another. When you are looking to buy something like sunglasses, this can be even harder. So how do pick the right size sunglasses while shopping online?Sunglasses measurements There are three main measurements used to classify the size of sunglasses and also eye glasses - the lens width, the bridge width and the temple length. These measurements are often on the actual sunglasses but not all retailers show them on their store as people don't know what they are. Lens width or...

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How to Choose the Right Bamboo and Wooden Sunglasses for your Face?

Gone are those days when only metallic or plastic frames ruled the market. Now is the era of wooden and bamboo frames that are made of traditional woods and bamboo. These sunglasses frames are environment-friendly too. The users can carry them anywhere. These sunglasses will not sink like the traditional ones as it floats in water. The most renowned brands in this aspect do not make wooden sunglasses. One of the few online website that are selling here in the Philippines is Wodd PH. The lenses have the ideal features like UV400 and polarized but the frames are made of bamboo, corkwood, zebrawood and many other type of wood. This is the right time to go off the track and start...

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