Add a Pair of Wooden Frame Sunglasses to Look Chic and Stylish

Every industry is trying hard to adopt eco-friendly measures then why the sunglasses will stay behind? Yes! It might sound weird but the wooden sunglasses are not a myth rather a style sensation these days. Previously, the handmade sunglasses had wooden frames, cut and perfectly finished by skilled hands. The contemporary aid of technology has even made this vintage method even more innovative and stylish.

full bamboo sunglasses from wodd PH

Wooden versus plastic frames

It is an eco-friendly measure too. The plastic frames end up in dumpsters and eventually pollute our environment if not recycled. The wooden frames, on the other hand, are biodegradable and absolutely classic.

These sunglasses have their own benefits when compared to the mainstream ones.

Skyrocket your style quotient

How many frames made of wood you can find? The number alone makes it a unique style to wear. In order to become a distinct style diva, a pair of wooden frame sunglasses is enough to impart in fashion. The unique wooden color will bring a different outlook in the shades. Normally, the wooden frames are larger which is why they are used in the wayfarer style sunglasses or round sunglasses. The entire impression turns out to be vibrant when colored lenses are used with them.

Feather-light and durable

Bamboo is the supreme choice for making the frames. The reason behind the popularity of bamboo sunglasses is its durability and light weight. The frames float in water and can resist the corrosive action of sweat.

The other types of wood preferred to make sunglasses are walnut, ebony, zebrano, cork and rosewood. The woods are chosen as per the strength imparted in the frame to make the sunglasses sturdy enough to absorb shock and support the lenses. Plastics or metallic frames tend to get scratched, bend or break on rough use but the wooden frames will be durable enough.

All the types of wood selected for making the frames offer a light yet robust structure to hold the lenses properly. The frames are also available in different colors and patterns other than the plain simple wooden finish.

Natural patterns

Even if the designing is not done, a simple polishing process will bring out the vibrant patterns and awesome colors of the natural material. The patterns of the wooden frames cannot be precisely replicated by any other material. The wooden frames have its own charm on the shades, making the entire presentation very stylish. The best part is that you can choose any type of lens with the wooden frames like black, mirror, faded, blue, purple, etc. The particular texture given the frame will balance the appearance aesthetically.


Wooden frames are the must have fashion trend these days. It can be donned with any type of casual dresses by both the genders. The eco-friendly frames do not harm your skin and also the environment. The colors and patterns used to make the frames are absolutely safe to wear. Why wait then? Bring home the wooden masterpieces from Wodd PH and make a different style statement to the world outside.

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