How Eco-friendly Polarized Sunglasses Enhances Health And Protection of Your Eyes?

Sunglasses not just protect your sensitive eyes against the deadly ultraviolet rays of the sun, but these sustainable shades also make you look effortlessly cool. Wood sunglasses are polarized and are made up of the finest recycled materials or reclaimed wood that is 100% biodegradable. Each pair is unique as no two grains of wood are same. Also, the wooden shades are light in weight than the plastic eyewear, thus making it easy to carry. These eco-conscious sunglasses are durable and help to lower the carbon footprint. These beautifully handcrafted pieces usually have anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating with maximum UV 400 protection lens.

Nowadays, you will find plenty of the best sunglasses under P1000 in online stores. The top ethical eyewear brands such as Wodd PH are aiming to enhance the manufacturing processes frequently and are looking for the best ways to include the sustainable materials in all their products to lower the waste and preserve the planet. Many of the eyewear brands are not just using the environmentally friendly materials but also offer revenue to the organizations that fight pollution. Few are even planting a tree for every frame sold.


The eco-friendly polarized sunglasses are useful in altering incoming light, thus prevent the excessive glare and reflections from the sun that usually occur on the horizontal surfaces like water, sea, car hoods and roads. This glare caused due to the high-intensity light is discomforting and often cause the eyes to squint. The Polarized lenses are set at an angle and only allow the vertically polarized light to enter. All these reflections result in the blindness, and people fail to see clearly. A pair of high-quality sunglasses also lower stress on the eyes, and headaches caused by squinting for a long time. Moreover, they also make the entire world looks colorful and visible.

Who Should Wear Polarized Lenses?

Athletes prefer wearing the polarized sunglasses as compared to the regular ones as they think that it reduces the light and boost their performance. These sunnies are also ideal for sports, water or other extreme activities such as paddle surfing, surfing, mountaineering, sailing, fishing, or any other activity that get exposed to reflections produced by the sun. They are now becoming famous with the people who spend a lot of time outdoors, like golfers, runners, volleyball, etc. Even if you have sensitive eyes, or just have undergone eye surgery, these wood sunglasses polarized are genuinely helpful.

Different Polarized Lenses Available on the Market

  • High-cost styles mainly built for the sportsmen. They have polarized filters put between the lens layers.
  • Affordable styles having the polarized filter applied as an external chemical film coating.
  • With the advancement in the technology, many manufacturers are mixing the lens material with the polarizing filter. It allows the two layers to combine without any adhesive and this method yields more long lasting and sustainable shades with the high optical quality.

Beware of Fake Ones

Just note that just because you have seen a sticker of polarized this does not always mean that the shades are genuine and polarized.

  • Take the two pairs and put them perpendicularly against each other. Now, look via the lens, if you see darkness, they are real, and if you do not look via them, they are polarized ones.
  • Another trick is to see via the sunglasses at the reflection of the object in the window. Now tilt your head slightly clockwise. The reflection intensity must change regarding what you watch via the window. If the glare off the surface brightens as you tilt your head, it means that they are the real eco-friendly polarized sunglasses.
  • Get a smartphone and look at the LCD of your smartphone. If you find something different or odd on the screen of your phone, it means that the sunglasses is polarized.

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