Do Polarized Sunglasses Really Make a Difference?

During summer and outdoors, we need to save our eyes from the hot sun and its harmful UV rays that is why we need to wear sunglasses. It's hard nowadays to choose a pair of sunglasses in the market because of a lot to choose from, from style and availability, sunglasses are everywhere. That is why apart from choosing the frames, you also need to select the lenses which has a large range of tints and colors. There's also polarized lenses which has been getting popular each day even it is quiet expensive than of those normal lenses. Most of you must be wondering that polarized sunglasses are indeed expensive or it's just overrated. We will tackle what are polarized glasses and how can it help our eyes.polarized vs non-polarized sunglasses difference

Understanding Polarized Sunglasses

The sunlight can get reflected or absorbed in different directions. Mostly sunlight that reflects on horizontal surfaces like water, land or even car hoods is reflected back to you horizontally and thus produces a strong glare that can create discomfort to your eyes and also can cause blinding. This can be a big issue especially when driving and you encountered a strong glare and this can lead to serious accidents and also it is highly irritating to your eyes. Polarized lenses are created for this purpose to eliminate or totally block horizontal rays to eliminate glares as it has a built-in laminated filter that only allows vertical rays to pass through. Polarized lenses now available in a lot of colors, from black, brown, red, blue and much more.

Who Needs a Polarized Sunglasses?

There's an interesting fact that these polarized sunglasses are at first been used by boaters and fishermen as it reduce such glare in the sea and it will make it easier for them to view deeper in the sea of fish and create comfort upon fishing. Nowadays, it becomes trendy that most of us wear polarized sunglasses. People who loves going to the beach and even mountain hiking uses this kind of glasses. Also people who loves doing long driving trips are using it now.

The Pros and Cons of Polarized Sunglasses


Most high quality sunglasses generally contain polarized lenses nowadays. Comparing it to non-polarized one, here are the advantages of the polarized model:

  • Enhances clarity of vision and contrast
  • Perks up visual comfort
  • Enables an accurate insight of colors
  • Lessens eyestrain
  • Eliminates glare and reflections


Like most items, these lenses also has limitations. These can be quite irritating if you are looking into liquid crystal displays or anything that has LCD. From cellphones, laptops, televisions and much more. If you wear this type of sunglasses it will be difficult to read the LCD monitor as it seems that the screen will disappear at a certain angles. Pilots and heavy machine operators are not recommended to use these type of sunglasses as it will be harder for them to read the instruments they are working on. Also, when using the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) you might experience difficulty if you're wearing this. Given this information, it will be easier to notice or know that the sunglasses you bought are polarized. Just look into your cellphone display and if you notice something weird, it's polarized!

Whether it's polarized or non-polarized, both sunglasses has its own benefits. Polarized is preferred for going the the beach and long drives while non-polarized can be used for daily affairs when not driving and for those people doesn't like removing their sunglasses while using their cellphones and the likes.

Does Polarized Sunglasses offer UV protection?

Most high end polarized sunglasses do offer UV protection from the sun. Here at Wodd PH, most of our bamboo sunglasses and wooden sunglasses offer maximum protection as our lenses are TAC Cat.3 UV400 polarized and certainly you can wear if comfortably and at the same time providing a maximum eye protection against the sun. Check our wide range of collection here!

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