How to Choose the Right Bamboo and Wooden Sunglasses for your Face?

Gone are those days when only metallic or plastic frames ruled the market. Now is the era of wooden and bamboo frames that are made of traditional woods and bamboo. These sunglasses frames are environment-friendly too. The users can carry them anywhere. These sunglasses will not sink like the traditional ones as it floats in water.

The most renowned brands in this aspect do not make wooden sunglasses. One of the few online website that are selling here in the Philippines is Wodd PH. The lenses have the ideal features like UV400 and polarized but the frames are made of bamboo, corkwood, zebrawood and many other type of wood. This is the right time to go off the track and start a fashion trend of your own by adorning wooden and bamboo frame sunglasses.

wodd ph blaker full bamboo wooden sunglass

Steps to choose the right bamboo and wooden sunglasses

Choosing the right pair of wooden sunglasses can be quite tricky. The conventional pairs are easy to choose as you are accustomed to them but the wooden pairs are a new concept. Even if you visit a shop and try the pairs, the confusion seems to remain the same. Ordering a pair online is more complex. Before spending your hard earned money by ordering a pair, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to reduce your confusion.


The proportionality of a pair of shades is way different than that of the spectacles. First, you have to decide whether you want to cover your eyes and a greater proportion of the face or not. Find out what type of sunglasses will go with the degree of coverage you want.


The contrasting feature of the frame will smooth the shape of your face. For an instance, if you have an angular face with sharp edges then you should go with rounder or curved frames in order to contrast the pointed feature. On the other hand, if you have a round face then you have to sharpen the edges by using an angular frame.


The color choice must compliment your skin tone. Black is a popular color but you might not get the same color when your choices are wandering over the wooden frame sunglasses. Find the right color of the frame that will elevate the face tone and go with your attires too.

Shape of the face

Probably, this is the most important point to ponder. If your face shape looks like a heart, then you should try the aviators and any rimless shades. These items perfectly balance the broad forehead, jawline and pointed chin.

Go for the oval or rounded glasses if you have an angular face. Those who have a narrow face; they must try the taller frames with decorative temples. When you are out of options then go for the most common frames that suit almost every facial structure, the wayfarer style. The wooden frames are perfect for the wayfarer style.


Trust your instinct to choose the right wayfarer design. These designs will become backdated. Once bought from a reputed brand like Wodd PH, the pairs will be a permanent collection to adore.

Wearing sunglasses is not only a style icon but also strongly connected with your personality.

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