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7 Best Reasons of Wearing Handmade Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important part of everyone's life due to the fact that they can truly protect your eyes from the negative effects of the sun and other elements. It is vital to truly consider having a pair of sunglasses. The style that has been used in the making of the sunglasses is also extremely essential.

If you are looking for sunglasses, there are many materials that you can pick from, including wood. Many of you might question, "Are Wooden Sunglasses Cool?" or "Why Wooden Sunglasses?". So, here are the 7 best reasons of wearing wooden material over others.
bamboo sunglasses in near swimming pool

Handmade wooden sunglasses are becoming the latest trend in fashion, especially since being environmentally friendly is so vital. More and more are gravitating towards replacing their style to fit an environmentally friendly position. So when you buy this wooden product, you don't have to hesitate about not being trendy.

They Float

If you are going to be wearing your sunglasses while at the swimming pool, river, or other places with water, you will not as simply lose your sunglasses since they float. If you wear them in the water and they happen to fall off, you would have to dive to the base to look or retrieve for them. Since wooden product can be costly, this is definitely perfect.


Matched to sunglasses that are made with plastic, wooden products are safe. Plastics release toxins, which is not best for your health or the atmosphere. On top of this, if you suffer from a plastic allergy, wooden bamboo sunglasses are exactly your best option.

Lightweight and Stands Out

Your personality must be represented if you are wearing sunglasses. You must ensure that the sunglasses you are wearing are not dull and boring. Wood frame sunglasses stands out among others and there's a lot reviews you can find online that the customers are excited and happy when wearing these type of sunglasses as it makes them feel unique and yet trendy. Aside from being special and unique, it's also extremely lightweight; anyway, it all depends on how thick is the wood incorporated in the sunglasses but most of it are slim and lightweight.

Countless Options are Available

Wood frame sunglasses not only follow trends, but they are themselves the trend nowadays. People who are looking for modern and latest sunglasses in the market can find a lot of options and designs accessible in eco-friendly components. Handmade wooden sunglasses are accessible in various styles, colors, and also what wood type is utilized. They can be made of oak, walnut, bamboo, and mahogany, which are the famous ones.


Handmade wooden bamboo sunglasses are extremely durable and can survive a drop, fall or even if it slides down when you put it in your car's dashboard. They are treated enough to make the materials tough and secured from drying out to keep them durable and lifelong.


Wooden sunglasses used to be very expensive because they were not sold by many retailers. Anyway, now that the trend is catching on, you can find lots of retailers who sell them for an affordable cost like Wodd PH. You couldn't find any sunglasses store in the Philippines that offers quality yet affordable wooden and bamboo sunglasses.

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