Women's Sunglasses

Elegant and Stylish Women’s Wooden Sunglasses

Staying chic and fabulous all day is almost every woman’s dream. For that, we love to take part in that dream of yours. Say cheers because Wodd is here to fulfill that!

Wodd women’s sunglasses are the best bamboo sunglasses for women that are perfectly crafted from the finest materials. Our collections of women’s wooden sunglasses bear the authentic, gracious sunglasses designs that will surely delight your excitement for your adventures and hangouts.

Our bamboo sunglasses for women are all UV 400 and CAT .3 lenses sensitive for an overall protection against the sun’s harmful rays. These are the sunnies that you surely need for your carefree and stress-free memorable outdoor ventures and catch-ups with your friends by the beach or anywhere!

Make our prime class women’s wooden sunglasses your essential accessories to get through the day. Wodd bamboo sunglasses for women are designed following the trendy and unique sunglasses preferences of ladies today.

Your Outstanding, Nature-friendly and Affordable Buddy

Wodd is an offshoot idea to provide the best quality and pro-environment bamboo sunglasses to everyone. Here, we envision a great future for the wood sunglasses industry made accessible to anyone who would like to try another style of flaunting their fashion choices.

Therefore, it is imperative for us to follow high-quality assurance processes that are standards of this industry today.

All Wodd women’s sunglasses come from the finest bamboo materials available locally. We are all aware of our impact on the environment and we would like to lessen them as much as we can.

Hence, we dedicate a one tree replacement for every Wodd sold. This initiative is made possible by our partnerships with various environment-oriented organizations with the same ideals as us.

Discover more unique and trendy sunglasses for women with Wodd. With a diverse array of choices available for you, take a look at these best online sunnies today and see for yourself the beauty of these great sunglasses for women.

For more classy and elegant bamboo sunglasses, check all our Wodd collections for every vogue and posh gals like you!