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7 Best Reasons of Wearing Handmade Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important part of everyone's life due to the fact that they can truly protect your eyes from the negative effects of the sun and other elements. It is vital to truly consider having a pair of sunglasses. The style that has been used in the making of the sunglasses is also extremely essential.If you are looking for sunglasses, there are many materials that you can pick from, including wood. Many of you might question, "Are Wooden Sunglasses Cool?" or "Why Wooden Sunglasses?". So, here are the 7 best reasons of wearing wooden material over others.StylishHandmade wooden sunglasses are becoming the latest trend in fashion, especially since being environmentally friendly is so vital. More and more are gravitating...

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Bamboo Sunglasses

Most people wear sunglasses when they go out in the sun. People wear them for innumerable reasons. Two of the main reasons why people choose to wear sunglasses is because they serve as a stylish accessory and they protect the eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. Sunglasses have evolved over time with respect to the different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials that are used to make them. Recently, one of the most popular materials used to create them has easily been bamboo. Summer is the best time to try out a fresh new pair of shades. When you're making your selection make sure that you buy a pair that is UV resistant so that your look good while...

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Do Polarized Sunglasses Really Make a Difference?

During summer and outdoors, we need to save our eyes from the hot sun and its harmful UV rays that is why we need to wear sunglasses. It's hard nowadays to choose a pair of sunglasses in the market because of a lot to choose from, from style and availability, sunglasses are everywhere. That is why apart from choosing the frames, you also need to select the lenses which has a large range of tints and colors. There's also polarized lenses which has been getting popular each day even it is quiet expensive than of those normal lenses. Most of you must be wondering that polarized sunglasses are indeed expensive or it's just overrated. We will tackle what are polarized...

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New Sunglasses Trend: The Rise of Wood and Bamboo Sunglasses

For some people, finding the right pair of sunglasses can be a lengthy process. But for others, it is just as simple as going to convenience stores and buy directly a cheap pair of sunglasses so that when they are out in the sun their eyes are protected. We've been used to with the popular or common types of sunglasses that are made of plastic and metal. But nowadays, there's a new trend in materials that are used to make sunglasses. This trend is to incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly materials into sunglasses and thus the rise of bamboo and wooden sunglasses.No Limits of Selection Selecting sunglasses that are made with wood or bamboo, you are not limited of the design...

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Wodd PH Website is Now Live!

After several months of hardwork and dedication, we are very thrilled to officially announce that our website is now live! We are giving 10% off on all items in store, just use the code: OPENING10 upon checkout. Upon selling offline for a few years already, we decided to bring our product online that is why we are now launching this website for customers to easily find and shop our bamboo and wooden sunglasses online at the comfort of their homes. We offer standard shipping/delivery to anywhere in Philippines within 2-5 business days via LBC. We accept payments through Bank Deposit (BPI or BDO), GCash and Cash on Delivery (COD) for worry less transaction. We are dedicated to providing cheap but quality products and...

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