Keeping Your Eyes Healthy: The Benefits of Wearing Wooden Eyewear

Sunglasses, as we all know, are a very important summertime accessory for all ages. They are highly protective and prevent damage to the eyes from dust, pollution, UV rays emitted from the sun and even prevent glares and reflections from impairing vision. They not only have several benefits for the eyes but also are very stylish to wear. They come in a wide variety not only in terms of shape and size but also in terms of materials. They can be made of various materials like metal, plastic, titanium and even wood.

Benefits of Wearing Wooden Eyewear: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Yes, even wood. Wooden eyewear is gaining quick popularity in today's time, and it is doing so for a good reason. Wooden eyewear has several benefits such as:

Health benefits

It has been found that exposure to wood makes a person happier and calmer. Thus wearing wooden framed eyewear can have considerable psychological and physiological health benefits for the wearer. Wood is a natural material which will not have any allergic reactions or side effects that any other chemically formed substance may have. Your skin will be protected and does not run a risk of having an allergic reaction or infection.

Just as stylish

fashionable wooden sunglasses

Wooden frames can be manufactured in all kinds of shapes and sizes as those formed from other materials. Wooden frames range from wayfarers to aviators and even the currently popular round shade sunglasses. Wooden frames can be made into them all. Using a stiff material like wood does not mean that your sunglasses wouldn't be as hip and stylish as those formed of other materials.


Wooden sunglasses, having been produced from wood are eco-friendly as they can be recycled easily. They are degradable which means that they would not harm the environment. Unlike plastics and metals whose recycling also takes a lot of chemical processing, wood can be recycled without the use of any harmful chemicals and substances.


Since Wooden frames are entirely natural; they do not run the chance of having any harmful toxic chemicals in them which may have ill effects on the wearer's health. Often time production of metals and plastics call for mixing of substances which might be toxic for humans in some way or under certain conditions. This is not the case with wooden eyewear frames, and they are thus completely safe for use.

These are some of the reasons why wooden frames must be given a try. The inclusion of wooden frames in the eyewear industry in a great innovative idea and is bound to gain popularity. In the age of organic lifestyles, the inclusion of wood in eyewear is taking the organic lifestyle one step further.

Eyewear makers are constantly evolving new ways to make the eyewear used by people more and more stylish and diverse, and it is this aim that has led to the incorporation of wooden frames in eyewear. Not only are these frames stylish but are also remarkably comfortable and beneficial to both the wearer as well as the environment. These glasses have no side effects on either the environment or on human health.

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