Top 8 Tips For Best Bamboo Sunglasses For Women

A pair of exclusive sunglasses is what emphasizes your style statement. Sunglasses are the part and parcel of every season and go pretty well with almost any kind of attire. Even if you are in a clumsy t-shirt and a pair of casual jeans, a pair of bamboo sunglasses is capable of lifting your aura to a considerable height. Below are the tips to follow when you are looking for a perfect pair of sunglasses.
tips to choosing bamboo sunglasses for women
8 tips to choose the right pair

To look chic and to drop some jaws on the way, you definitely need a pair of cool shades. For women, nothing seems to be more compelling than the round shades. The contemporary style trend states the importance of a pair of bamboo sunglasses for women. Below are the tips to follow while choosing the best pair.

Protection first

Before even thinking of any beauty trait of the shades, you need to make sure that the lenses are UV protective. All you have to do is to check that the lenses provided are screening UV up to 100% to prevent eye damage. It will eventually work as the savior of your precious possession. Your eyes will remain cool even if you are out in a dazzling day. No glares will dare to enter your eyes you can comfortably wear the pairs throughout the day.

Polarized lenses

As mentioned earlier, other than protecting your eyes from the UV rays, you need to make sure that the lenses can protect you from the intense glares of the sun. There are varieties of lenses that provide a good shield in different ambiance and time of the day. For an instance, if you are in the beach and boating, you need a polarized lens for longer and better protection from the glares of the sea to appreciate its beauty. Even the round shades will be a very good style statement during such an adventurous event.


Here comes the importance of the dimensions. The framework must compliment your temples so that the fitting is neither tight nor loose. In fact, the poorly fitted shades might not be capable of providing proper protection from the glare or the harmful UV rays.

Sharpness over style

Try to maintain proper visibility. Find a good choice based on the clarity of the bamboo sunglasses. Prefer the sharpness first and then go for the style.

Age factor

If you are looking for a cool pair of shades for your girl then you must prefer the age first. Try to find out what is best for by consulting with a registered expert. Mostly, the sunglasses vary as per the activities for the adolescents too. If you are looking for a stylish item then consider all the points that you would have done for yourself.


Wearing a pair of sunglasses does not require the advent of a particular season. Try using better protection in the summertime.

Lens and frame color

Find out the best lens colors that compliment your facial skin tone. You need to check whether the colors are compatible with your attire too.


Buying a costly pair does not mean that you are more protected. Designer shades look prettier but also burn holes in your pocket. Focus on the labels and spend what is necessary. Wodd PH offers the most affordable bamboo sunglasses and yet has all the necessary protection needed for your eyes.

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