Sunglasses Buying Guide

Just as we value our skin from the sun’s harmful radiation, so are our eyes too. Protecting our eyes is valuable and can affect primarily our daily life activities if just taken for granted. Hence, buying new sunnies should not hurt you that much when you know that it is a form of protecting your eyes.

However, learning how to choose sunglasses and how to buy sunglasses does not happen with just a finger’s snap. More often than not, you need to understand first what are good sunglasses and what to look for in sunglasses in order to maximize the benefits you can get out of them.

Like most eyeglasses, designer frames for sunglasses will surely cost a lot. Yet, this fact alone remains untrue anymore as there are now more available sunglasses sold at reasonable prices.

So, what to look for in bamboo sunglasses? Check out this quick sunglasses buying guide for you.

How to Choose Sunglasses?

Choosing the sunglass that fits your need must start from identifying the types of sunglasses available in the market.

Lenses are the basics of what are good sunglasses. Thus, for a maximum protection against the glare and UV rays, it is recommended to choose a lens of at least under class 2 or 3.

  • Lens Class 0 (Fashion Spectacles) – These are not considered sunglasses because of their inability to reduce the sun’s glare and to protect you eyes from UV rays.
  • Lens Class 1 (Fashion Spectacles) – Again, these are not sunglasses, but they do provide limited protection to your eyes and are not suitable as driving sunglass.
  • Lens Class 2 (Sunglasses) – Starting category 2 and up, are categorized as sunglasses. However, for this classification, they only provide a medium level of sun glare reduction and just a good level of UV protection.
  • Lens Class 3 (Sunglasses) – Same with class 2 but provides a high level of sun glare reduction.
  • Lens Class 4 (Sunglasses) – Special purpose sunglasses. They provide a very high level of sun glare and UV rays protection but are not recommended when driving.

After identifying the kind of lens that you need, learning how to buy sunglasses for men and women should be your next step.

First, decide whether you should buy online sunglasses or go to your preferred optical shops. From there, you can do a bit of research about the price differences, the quality of specs, and even the designs that you most likely prefer among the choices.

What else to know about buying sunglasses?

Although not imperative when buying sunglasses, it becomes your advantage if you have an idea about wrap-around, dark-tint, and polarized sunglasses.

Wrap-around sunglasses are typically not fashionable at all but are considered the safest as they offer more UV protection. On the other hand, thou shall not be fooled by dark-tinted sunglasses because dark lenses do not necessarily provide UV protection. Moreover, polarized sunglasses are good if you love staying for too long under the sun’s glare. However, you should understand that these specs are pricey compared to others.

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